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Achieving True Preset Spillover on Line 6 Helix

Achieving True Preset Spillover on Line 6 Helix

Achieving True Preset Spillover on Line 6 Helix

We all hate that little delay between patch changes and In the world of digital multi-effects units, achieving true preset spillover has been somewhat elusive. Many guitarists have sought the ability to seamlessly switch between presets without any gaps or audio interruptions. While some units claim to offer this feature, Line 6 Helix sets the record straight about what true preset spillover means.


Helix's Approach to True Preset Spillover

Line 6 Helix doesn't shy away from providing true preset spillover, but it does come with a caveat. To achieve this feature, you must be willing to make a trade-off: sacrificing half of your DSP. In practical terms, this means that you'll need to COMPLETELY DISABLE PATH 2.

Here's how to enable true preset spillover on your Line 6 Helix:

  1. Navigate to the Global Settings > Preferences menu.
  2. Set Preset Spillover to "On." (Shortcut: Hold ACTION and press HOME.)
  3. A dialog will appear, asking if you want to remove Path 2 to enable preset spillover. Press Knob 6 (OK).
  4. Press HOME, and Path 2 will disappear!

Now, you can freely switch between presets without any audible interruptions. However, it's important to note that if Preset A is still spilling over into Preset B (for instance, due to one of its delay's feedback causing self-oscillation), switching to Preset C will abruptly cut off Preset A.

Returning to Dual Paths

If you decide that you don't want to sacrifice Path 2 for spillover and prefer the flexibility of having two signal paths, you can easily return to normal operation by turning Preset Spillover back to "Off." Here's how:

  1. Go to the Global Settings > Preferences menu.
  2. Set Preset Spillover to "Off." (Shortcut: Hold ACTION and press HOME again.)
  3. A dialog will appear, warning that the preset must be reloaded, and any unsaved changes will be lost. Be sure to save your preset if you've made changes.
  4. Press Knob 6 (OK).

If you're concerned about losing Path 2 but still want to enjoy spillover effects, Line 6 Helix offers an alternative solution: snapshots. Snapshots allow you to capture and recall specific settings within a preset, giving you the flexibility to achieve various sounds and effects without sacrificing a signal path.

So, whether you choose to enable true preset spillover or prefer the versatility of snapshots, Line 6 Helix provides options that cater to your preferences and creative needs.


Helix Preset Upgrades?

To truly get the most out of your Line 6 Helix and save valuable time in the process, consider purchasing a go-tones Helix preset pack, especially if you're a metal musician. These preset packs are designed by professionals who have spent countless hours crafting and refining tones specifically for metal genres. By investing in a go-to Helix preset pack, you can skip the trial-and-error process and instantly access a wide range of professionally crafted metal guitar tones. This will not only save you time but also provide you with a huge, professional sound that will elevate your recordings and performances.

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