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What is a LUT?

What is a LUT?

by: Greg Sher

A LUT, or Look-Up Table, is a mathematical formula that is used to map one set of colors to another. In the context of image and video processing, a LUT can be used to adjust the colors or tonality of an image or video in a way that is designed to produce a desired visual effect.

LUTs are often used in color grading, which is the process of adjusting the colors and tonality of an image or video to achieve a particular look or mood. They can be used to adjust the overall color balance of an image, to add or remove certain colors, or to shift the colors in a way that creates a specific mood or atmosphere.

LUTs can be applied to images and video using software tools such as Photoshop or video editing software. Many cinema/pro cameras and other video production equipment also have the ability to apply LUTs in-camera or in real-time during playback.